Sunday, January 8, 2012

Midnight in Paris, Soundtrack #27

I watched this movie tonight and I could not stop smiling. This is my kind of cinema. It made me remember how I repeatedly fell in love with literature and art. With the nasal grind of the workday and the acidic taste of things like finances and time management and politics, it's easy to forget the romantic view.

The wealthy, disenchanted Americans, the yearning for another time to ease the cement-and-chain-link-fence-feel of the present, the humanness of it all. I liked very, very much.

The soundtrack!

Owen Wilson was pitch-perfect. Rachel McAdams was utterly believable.

And Marion Cotillard! So lovely. So beautiful!

This film made me want to learn French. Made me want to go back to Europe. Made me want to fall into the sentiment that convinced me English was the only major for me.

A little music from the film:

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