Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sountrack Session #7: Baby's mojo

The summer of 2008 found me partially unemployed and my sister completely pregnant with my nephew, Sam. I was living at her house and every evening we would commiserate:

Me: Still haven’t had the baby yet, huh?
Sister: Nope. Still haven’t found another job yet, huh?
Me: Nope.

One afternoon, several weeks after Sam had indeed been born, I snatched him and took him to my room for a photo shoot. I am that aunt. I consider it a small miracle that my eldest nephew, Mark (now twelve) didn’t suffer semi-blindness from all the photos I took of him as a baby. I could probably dedicate an entire album to just photos of him in his car seat.

Anyway. With Sam being very cooperative (read: not crying or needing a diaper change) for his paparazzi (me), I decided to put on some music. I alternated multiple times between these two pieces:



The first made Sam cry; the second calmed him down. Isn’t there some study about how babies are sensitive to dissonance in music? Little kids pick up on tension between people, so it makes sense that they would pick up on tension in music too.

See this picture of little Samuel? Cute, no?

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