Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I had another blog before this one. But I'm starting over at so many things right now, so a new blog seems logical and necessary.

My name is Amanda, but on here I'll being going as Sylvia Louise, which is a combination of my two middle names—one given at birth, and the other given later by my older sisters.

Right now I'm working at a job I don't love and eating a lot of peanut butter—which I do love.

It's so good to meet you. Let's do lunch sometime.


  1. I'm up for lunch. I've been craving a southwestern chicken wrap at chili's for quite sometime. I am, however, proud that I have not given in, as I weighed in at 155.2 this afternoon. Just .2 Away from babedom.

  2. I, like Jordan, (er, Jerry) am also up for lunch. There's got to be plenty to talk about since it's been, oh, I don't know...three years?!

  3. Lunch! Yes! Joleen, we do indeed have much to catch up on, and Jordan, we can do Tae-Bo afterward. I know how you love that.